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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Do you grind or clench your teeth? If so, you may be at an increased risk for Cracked Tooth Syndrome (CTS). CTS occurs when your tooth fractures at an incredibly small scale, often below the gum line. Because the cracks are so small, they are difficult to diagnose and virtually impossible to see, especially if below the gum line.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome can cause pain while chewing but without the constant ache of a cavity or abscess. Since CTS is difficult to diagnose, patients sometimes go a long time dealing with cracked tooth pain and ineffective treatment.

When you come in to Anderson Dental Care, we’ll perform a series of tests to find where the pain is originating. Using bite tests, X­-rays, and dyes, we will determine if there is a cracked tooth and how to best treat it.

Treatment of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Because diagnosis and symptoms of Cracked Tooth Syndrome is so difficult, treatment can go through several stages. The initial procedure won’t always completely alleviate pain, and we may recommend additional care

If you think you’re suffering from Cracked Tooth Syndrome, don’t wait! Call our office today at (513) 231-7755 or schedule an appointment using our online form. Any delay in treatment could only make the problem worse.

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