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4 Invisible Solutions to Turn Your Smile Flaws Around

Do you have a smile you don’t like to show? Here at Anderson Dental Care, cosmetic dentist Dr. Brooks sees people every single day who don’t like their smile because of:

  • a metal filling or restoration shows and ruins their white smile
  • decay or damage shows and affects your overall appearance
  • crooked teeth show and distract from your otherwise smile (but not less distracting than the solution: noticeable metal braces!)
  • The answer to these problems isn’t keeping your mouth closed when you smile or holding your hand over your mouth when you laugh. It isn’t avoiding getting your photo taken. And it definitely isn’t skipping out on meeting new people or avoiding social gatherings.

    Why should your smile keep you from doing what everyone else doesn’t give a second thought about?

    Don’t let these showstoppers from the list above stop you from smiling. We have “invisible” cosmetic solutions right here in our Cincinnati dentist office. That’s right – with our solutions, no one will have to see anything unsightly in your smile again. That means you can get your smile fixed without people having to notice anything unattractive anymore!


    If your crooked teeth are keeping you from smiling, you might not have gotten metal braces because the solution is more noticeable than the problem! But if you have mildly to moderately crooked teeth or just pesky canines that stick out from your other teeth, we’ve got an invisible solution to get your teeth straight: Invisalign.

    Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that are almost completely invisible. Not only are they not noticeable, but you can take them out when you eat and drink. You won’t have embarrassing braces on your teeth affecting your appearance, and you won’t have to worry about restricting your diet or worrying that braces are stuck in your teeth! Plus, it usually takes about half the time to straighten your teeth with Invisalign clear braces as it does with traditional braces.

    With those things in mind, Invisalign is a perfect solution for older teens and adults who don’t want their personal or professional life affected by metal on their teeth.

    Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Got an old ugly metal filling you need to have replaced? Or a cavity that needs to be filled, but you’ve delayed getting treated because you don’t want a noticeable black filling showing in your smile? You have no need to worry – we’ve got you covered with tooth-colored fillings. These white fillings are matched specifically to blend in with your natural teeth color, making them “invisible” when you smile. Plus, our composite fillings don’t contain mercury, and they also don’t require all the drilling that amalgam fillings do.

    Porcelain Crowns

    Is your smile stuck with an ugly metal crown? Maybe the whole crown is metal, or maybe the metal is starting to show near your gums. If your tooth is damaged and you need a crown, don’t hold off because you expect to get a metal crown placed in your mouth that will reveal your dental history to the world!

    Here at our office, we use beautiful porcelain crowns matched to your complete smile. We take great care to make sure your crown looks just like a real tooth and blends right in. No one will be able to pick out your restored tooth from your other tooth! These porcelain crowns are especially good for the teeth that show in your smile (whereas your back teeth aren’t as noticeable to others).


    Does it seem like you get cavities more than other people? If you’ve already had several fillings or have tooth decay now, why not protect your teeth from further damage with sealants? These clear, invisible coatings go right over your teeth to form a protective barrier against bacteria and plaque. They’re mostly used for your back teeth, where all those grooves and indentions love to harbor bacteria. Ask us about these at your next visit.

    Are you ready to get your smile noticed – in a positive way? Get a healthy, beautiful smile and regain your confidence with our “invisible” solutions! Contact us now for an appointment. Dr. Brooks and our team can’t wait to help!