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Caring for Patients is its Own Award

At the end of April, we received a big boost in the reputation department:, an online source that allows patients to identify the dentists that will best meet their oral health needs and those of their families, has named us one of the Top 20 Dentists in Cincinnati, OH, after only just two years in business!

We sincerely want to thank all our patients who contributed to our nomination and this award. We’re so lucky to have so many good patients who have submitted glowing reviews online, “liked” us on Facebook, and voted for us to receive this award!

We appreciate every one of our great patients! Giving you with quality care and improving the health and appearance of our neighbors’ smiles is its own reward, but this will go along way in helping us improve our practice and provide you with even better care.

Learn More About Our Award-Winning Services! 

Anderson Dental Care offers a range of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services. We’ve improved or even reconstructed the smiles of many of your friends and neighbors in the area.

Do you have a nagging problem with your teeth or gums?

Is your once-dazzling smile looking the worse for wear and could use some esthetic enhancement?

Anderson Dental Care can help you with both, even if you’re somewhere in between!

What Services Do You Offer? 

Here are a few examples of the treatments we offer that can repair and reconstruct your smile and vastly improve your oral health as well as your confidence! 

Missing Teeth? 

In our blog this month, we’re focused on dental implants. Learn what dental implants are, how to know if you’re in good enough health to get them, and how dental implants will give you back your smile after it has been destroyed by missing teeth as a result of disease or in jury.

Read our upcoming blog series, Introduction to Dental Implants to learn more.

We also offer dentures, implant-supported dentures, and dental bridges. We can help you determine which treatment is right for you!

Crooked, Misaligned Teeth? 

1 out of 4 adults in the US could benefit from orthodontic treatment. However, most find the prospect of spending a year or more with unsightly wires and brackets in their mouths very unappealing. For a long time, traditional braces were the only option, and if you had a crooked smile you either got them, or simply lived with a smile you weren’t proud of.

We think everyone should have the best smile that they deserve. That’s why we offer Invisalign! Instead of metal wires and brackets, Invisalign uses lightweight, transparent plastic aligners to gently move your teeth into the proper position. Invisalign is more convenient, more comfortable, and most importantly, very discrete!


Teeth that are Stained, Misshapen, or Damaged? 

For those looking to improve their smiles quickly and dramatically, we offer at-home teeth whitening kits. The whitening treatment your dentist can provide is of far greater quality than anything available at retail stores, and your dentist will also be able to customize your care to suit your specific needs; for example, teeth whitening can be very uncomfortable if you have sensitive teeth and gums. We can give you a brighter, whiter smile with no pain and discomfort!

Another way to improve the appearance of your smile is with the application of dental veneers. Dental veneers can be made out of composite resin (a type of plastic) or porcelain. Both will make your smile better by hiding cracks and fractures, misshapen teeth, and deep persistent stains. Your smile might even look better than it did before it was damaged!

Most people have fillings; unfortunately, those fillings are usually made out of a substance called silver amalgam. Fillings that are made of silver amalgam are unattractive and can diminish the appearance of your smile. We offer tooth-colored fillings for your cavities that blend in with your natural teeth, greatly improving the esthetic value of this procedure.

Afraid of the Dentist? 

A large portion of the US population admits to having dental anxiety. More than just being nervous before a procedure, dental anxiety will drive a person away from seeking the dental treatment they need, and their oral health suffers needlessly for it. In order to help our patients get over their fear, we offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry uses a variety of technologies to help the patient remain calm during procedures by providing safe sedation. We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation (a sedative in pill form).

Those are just a few of the ways we can help you have your best oral health! 

Learn why people voted us as one of the Top 20 Dentists in Cincinnati! Make an appointment today by dialing (513) 231-7755, or use our online appointment form!

We look forward to getting to know you and your teeth!