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Don’t Live With Slippery Dentures Anymore!


Ask a room full of denture patients if they’re happy with their teeth and the answer will likely be a resounding “no!” There’s just not a whole lot that’s good about wearing dentures, especially if you’ve worn them for a while. They slip, they fall out, them embarrass you, and they’ve made eating a chore – this isn’t how you should be living your life!

At Anderson Dental Care we hear from a lot of patients just like you who are unsatisfied with their dentures. We take pride in being able to offer them – and you – a way out of all the headache and humiliation that living with dentures can cause, and we can do it all with just a few dental implants.

Live With Dentures That Cooperate!

Placing just a few dental implants allows us to modify your dentures (in many cases your existing ones will work) to snap in place and stay put all day. Your dental implants are topped with balls or a bar that match up to sockets or clasps on your dentures: when you wake up simply pop them in and they’ll be there until you take them out in the evening!

There are a lot of problems that we can eliminate with implant supported dentures, many which we’ve done for people just like you!

What Our Patients Have Said

I was wearing dentures for close to 15 years when I had finally had enough. I came to Anderson Dental Care and had them place four implants to support my upper denture. Now I’m eating foods I haven’t had in years, living with confidence, and not worrying about my teeth every day!

 – Diane, Cincinnati


Diane’s story isn’t unique at all – a lot of the patients we’ve helped have ended up going back to eating their favorite meals – and tasting them too! You’ve probably realized how much ability to taste you’ve lost with your dentures, which is due to having the roof of your mouth covered. Implant retention will free up the roof of your mouth since you don’t need the suction to keep your implants in place anymore!

It didn’t take long to start having irritated and sore gums from my dentures. I couldn’t deal with it – eating hurt, talking hurt, and even just wearing my dentures was uncomfortable. I had implants placed to support my dentures and now my gums feel great.

 – Roger, Norwood

If you’ve dealt with pain in your gums from your dentures you aren’t alone. Just think about how your mouth works when you have teeth: all the forces from chewing are distributed into your bone. Your gums simply aren’t meant to deal with that much pressure! Dentures also tend to carry a lot of bacteria, and the repetitive pressure on your gums can transfer a lot of it and cause irritation and inflammation.

Dental implant support leaves your dentures sitting comfortably on your gums with the weight and force all distributed through the implants and into your jawbone. It’ll feel perfectly natural, comfortable, and pain-free to eat, talk, and live!

My oral hygiene habits weren’t that great when I was young – they were terrible, in fact. I had severe gum disease which left me wearing dentures at a young age. I work with people all day and my dentures keep me constantly on edge! Implant supported dentures gave me the comfort and confidence to smile without fear.

 – Deborah, Indian Hill

Not everyone who wears dentures is retired, as Deborah can attest. She was able to stop constantly stop worrying about her teeth by adding the support of just a few implants allowing her to work and live comfortably.  No one should have to constantly worry about their teeth falling out in the middle of a meeting or a family event!

Are Implant Supported Dentures For You?

You might be wondering at this point if adding implant support to your dentures is a good idea. Think about it this way:

  • Do you want to eat your favorite foods again?
  • Do you want to speak, smile, and laugh without worrying about the stability of your teeth?
  • Do you want gums that aren’t constantly sore, red, and irritated?
  • Do you want to get rid of that disgusting denture cream and adhesive?
  • Do you want to live a life that’s more happy, fulfilled, and comfortable?


If the answer to any of those questions is “yes” you owe it to yourself to give Anderson Dental Care a call today. You can reach us at (513) 231-7755 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!