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Greet The Holidays With A Bright, White Smile!

It’s already November – hard to believe, isn’t it? Before you know it we’ll be deep in the thick of another Cincinnati winter and a hectic holiday season! You might be getting ready to relax for the holidays but at Anderson Dental Care we’re entering one of the busiest times of the year!

It’s the end of every year when people start thinking about using their insurance benefits, getting quick work done, and beautifying their smiles before they see their family and friends over the next couple months. We’re not booked up yet and if you’ve thought of a way to give your smile a lift before the holidays we have a great suggestion: teeth whitening at our Cincinnati, OH dentist office!

Isn’t Teeth Whitening Just A Joke?

Quite the opposite, actually! The problem with professional teeth whitening is how hard it is to do right! Typical over-the-counter systems you buy at the pharmacy or grocery store have the right ingredients to work but have a lot of problems that stop them from being successful.

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent whitening agent and has always been the #1 ingredient in whitening products both professional and commercial. But there’s a huge problem with hydrogen peroxide: it’s really unstable! It easily breaks down into oxygen and water which is what you want when it’s on your teeth. That breakdown acts like a scrubbing effect on the stains of your teeth, lifting them up and out.

But think about that hydrogen peroxide in the medicine cabinet: what color is the bottle? It’s brown! Hydrogen peroxide is so sensitive even sunlight can cause it to break down! Sunlight isn’t a problem for teeth whitening gels but guess what is? Saliva!

It sounds ridiculous that saliva would actually cause a breakdown in the strength of your teeth whitening gel but it’s true! That’s the number one reason commercial whitening systems don’t work! They come with a one-size-fits-all whitening tray that doesn’t fit well in your mouth, unevenly distributes gel, and lets saliva become mixed with the gel, weakening and destroying it!

What’s Different About Professional Teeth Whitening?

With professional whitening at our Cincinnati dentist office you’re getting two major differences: the strength of the whitening gel and custom-fit whitening trays. Both of these combine to give you a whitening solution that is far more effective than anything you can find on store shelves!

Our whitening kits are take-home sets that are a lot like commercial kits in look, use, and feel but the difference lies in their performance! If you’re interested in real teeth whitening at Anderson Dental Care we’ll start with an evaluation of your smile. We want to be sure your teeth are healthy and ready for whitening! Excessive staining or discoloration may make you a better candidate for veneers, which we’ll discuss after a comprehensive exam.

Once we know you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening we’ll start with an impression of your teeth. We use this impression to build your whitening trays. They custom fit ensures even whitening distribution, no saliva interaction, and predictable, visible results!

Using Your Professional Whitening Kit

When we get your trays back from our dental lab we’ll give them to you along with a couple weeks supply of whitening gel. You’ll wear your trays in the evening for about 30 minutes and within a couple of weeks you’ll see visible, noticeable results that will truly amaze you, your family, and your friends! Our whitening system is easy to use and has resulted in dramatic results for our patients – you’ll love your new look!

Don’t Wait!

The entire whitening sequence from impression to end will take three to four weeks. If you want to get amazing results in time for the holiday season we encourage you to act now! Don’t spend another family greeting hiding your smile in shame – show up with a look that will really wow!

Start your professional teeth whitening in Cincinnati now by calling Anderson Dental Care at (513) 231-7755! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!