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Invisalign means a better Smile, a better Life

If you’ve landed on this blog post, it’s likely that you’re a Cincinnati resident who’s thinking about his or her smile (or possibly someone else’s). If your problem is the alignment of your teeth, the best way to get your best smile is through braces. For many people though, traditional orthodontics are a bit daunting: they can be something of a pain, and they’re a serious commitment. If this describes you, then you might want to consider Invisalign.

Low impact treatment, high impact results

Invisalign aligners are a good option for two main reasons: one, they’re not easy to notice; in fact, they’re practically invisible. Invisalign aligners are made from lightweight, clear plastic, and they fit behind your teeth (as opposed to being bonded to the front). Two, Invisalign is low impact: you won’t need to change your lifestyle during the course of your treatment. You can still eat whatever you want (you remove them at meal times), and cleaning them is a breeze: just pop them out, rinse them in lukewarm water or clean them with an Invisalign cleaning kit, and pop them back in again. Traditional braces, on the other hand, are much more involved.

What your smile says about you

Research shows that on average people smile about twenty times a day (double that if we’re happy). We smile so often because it’s a critical component of how we communicate with one another. Frequent smiling is connected with good health, and can even play a role in how successful you are!

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Here are some interesting smile facts:

    • In 2010, a study conducted at Wayne State University found that big, beaming smiles are linked to greater life expectancy. The researchers examined baseball cards from the 1950’s, and measured the size of the players’ smiles. The bigger the smile was, the longer the average lifespan of the player in the photograph. “Non-smilers” tended to live about 73 years, whereas those with big toothy grins lived an average of 80 years.
    • Smiling is a more effective reward for your brain than chocolate! In 2005, Hewlett Packard performed brain scans on 109 people in the UK. The scans indicated that just looking at one smile could be “worth” thousands of dollars (or thousands of chocolate bars).
    • A 2001 study of women’s smiles in college yearbook photos showed that those who smiled more in their photos were more likely to be more organized and more achievement-oriented than those who smiled less.
    • Another study from the October 2001 Journal of Economic Psychology showed that a smile is a key factor in assessing someone’s trustworthiness.
    • A 2009 study showed that smiling releases chemicals in your brain that help you de-stress by relaxing your body and lowering your blood pressure.

In 2010, a study published in the journal Cognition and Emotion showed that smiling has a positive effect on attention-span and thinking.

That’s just a small part of the evidence that your best smile is, for all intents and purposes, how you express your best self to the world (and there are direct benefits from doing so successfully).

Here at Anderson Dental, we want you to be able to be the best you can be, and we can do that by improving your smile through the Invisalign system. Invisalign is pain-free and low-maintenance. Every two weeks you’ll receive a new set of aligners that gradually move your teeth into proper alignment. You can watch your smile improve daily!

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