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Bucket List: Must-Do Things In Cincinnati

In 2014, WLWT (Channel 5) published a list of 50 must-do things in Cincinnati based on votes from viewers. Dr. Brooks and his family have been using this bucket list to experience our hometown, and he wanted to share it with you. Here are some of his favorite activities so far. They’re all Spring/Summerappropriate, so make some plans to enjoy the beautiful weather by getting out in our city!

  1. 1. Eat a 3-way and cheese coney at Skyline Chili
  2. 2. Enjoy a pizza at LaRosa’s
  3. 3. Visit the 12th-largest public library in the country — The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County
  4. 4. Enjoy a Florence Freedom baseball game
  5. 5. Hear the World Peace Bell toll noon in Newport
  6. 6. Visit the Newport Aquarium and pet the sharks at Shark Central
  7. 7. Ride the Elevator up 49 floors to the Carew Tower Observation Deck
  8. 8. Learn about Cincinnati history at Union Terminal
  9. 9. Savor black raspberry chip ice cream at Graeter’s
  10. 10. Drive across the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
  11. 11. Have a picnic at Devou Park in Covington
  12. 12. See a Broadway show at the Aronoff Center for the Arts
  13. 13. Take a stroll through Eden Park
  14. 14. Shop at Findlay Market on a Saturday morning
  15. 15. Walk from Newport to Cincinnati across the Purple People Bridge
  16. 16. See rare and endangered species at America’s second-oldest zoo – the Cincinnati Zoo
  17. 17. Experience the butterfly exhibit at Krohn Conservatory
  18. 18. Learn about Cincinnati’s pivotal role in abolishing slavery at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  19. 19. Drink a mug of ice-cold, homemade root beer at the Root Beer Stand
  20. 20. Enjoy a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, complete with Nachos in a souvenir helmet

(To view the full bucket list, visit

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to our April Surprise Birthday Drawing winner, Elyse K!

She’ll be celebrating her birthday on April 29, and we hope she’ll be celebrating when she receives her $25 Cheesecake Factory gift card in the mail.

Dr. Brooks’ Family is Expecting Baby #3!

No, this is not an April Fool’s prank. Dr. Brooks and his family really are expecting a third child to join their family this month. They like to be surprised, so we won’t know until the baby comes whether it’s a boy or girl. To celebrate, we’re having a little contest!

The Contest:

We want to know what you think the gender is, how much the baby will weigh, and when the baby will be born. We’ll give you a little background info to help you make your decisions:

  • Dr. Brooks currently has two little girls.
  • This baby is due April 25.
  • Babies #1 and #2 were both born within two days of their due dates.
  • Both babies weighed between seven and eight pounds at birth.

We’re giving away prizes for First, Second and Third place:

An Apple TV, a $75 Amazon gift card and a $25 Toys’R’Us gift card respectively.

To enter, follow us on Facebook and post a comment with your guess OR email us your guesses at

Morning Routines Can Create Success

Has this ever happened to you? There’s plenty that should be done, but you can’t think of what to do first.

Why not have an automatic get-started routine? It could be as easy as: Let the dog in, take a shower, get dressed, eat, lock the door and go. There’s comfort in having a consistent way to start the day.

A get-started, get-motivated routine is basic if you work at a desk. It could be: Clean up, organize your desk, and get rid of the clutter. External clutter can lead to mental clutter. Advisors at say a minimalist approach to your work area will give you fresh perspectives.

According to, successful people tend to set up morning routines that include both exercise and planning.


Exercise gets your body and mind moving. Doing it in the morning not only releases feel-good chemicals, but it is probably easier to start and finish. According to a study by the University of Nottingham and Singapore’s National Institute of Education, everyone has more self-control and motivation in the morning. As the day wears on, psychological and physical fatigue sets in.


Do one thing that motivates you: Meditate, read something inspirational, recite your life goal.


Review your plan for the day. Check your to-do list first. Do the hardest thing first and the rest of the day will be smooth sailing.

New for the Patio Garden Miniatures Bloom in 2016

What’s new for patio gardens? Two words: Tiny and purple.

Leading the pack this year are tiny purple eggplants. They look just like the lovely purple veggies, but they are small teardrops, just two or three inches long.

According to, the patio-sized baby mini eggplant tastes just like the original. Pop them on a salad or even the frying pan to make little delights.

They need constant sun and moist soil during the growing season. Once you start to pick them, they grow until fall. Pick when the skin is deep purple and glossy for best taste.

Next, the equally purple Indigo Ruby tomato loves containers. These tiny, plum-shaped tomatoes have bright blue/purple tops and red bottoms. The fruit grows in clusters of 4 to six on a stem.

This new cherry-type tomato was developed through traditional breeding techniques. These flavorful dazzlers are not only pretty, but also have an extra helping of the antioxidant anthocyanin, a natural ingredient in blueberries.

This variety is available in seed form from Territorial Seed Company and in container form from many major nurseries.

In the flower garden, you’ll be seeing lots of mixed colors at your local nursery.

According to HGTV, the New Day Rose Stripe Gazania will be a hit with its luscious purple and cream petals.

Look for Blue-eyed Beauty mums at your garden store. These offer early spring color with wide yellow blooms with dark purple centers.

Thank You For Your Recent Referrals

The highest compliment we can receive is when you like us and trust us so much that you send us your friends and family. It means so much! Thank you to these patients who recently referred new patients to us:

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A Chance to Win Big Prizes!

Our practice continues to grow everyday and we recognize that our best patients come from your referrals. To show our appreciation, you will be entered into our monthly raffle anytime you refer a friend or family member to us! As always, thank you for your continued confidence and support!

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