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Dental Cleanings and Exams

Proper oral hygiene is essential to a long, healthy life. At Anderson Dental Care, we do our best to take care of your teeth and to educate you about your dental health. It starts with routine dental exams & teeth cleanings.

When you visit our office in Cincinnati for a comprehensive dental cleaning & examination, we’ll take the time to clean your teeth, check for signs of gum disease and decay and help you develop a plan for success at home. Every smile is unique, so we’ll make sure you have the tools and knowledge to meet your specific needs.

Dental Cleanings

Regular cleanings are important not just for a deeper dental cleaning than brushing can give, but they also give the dentist a chance to check for the early signs of serious problems. Depending on your overall oral health, we may recommend that you come back every six months, or more often.

If we see signs of gum disease, we will start working with you to reverse the damage and take preventative measures against its spread. This might mean more frequent dental cleanings, which will help us get you back on track for healthy teeth that will last a lifetime.

Fluoride Treatment

We can also perform fluoride treatment, a potentially tooth-saving procedure that will only add a few minutes to your visit. Fluoride helps to reinforce your tooth enamel by making it more resistant to harm from tooth plaque, as well as helping your teeth re-mineralize. Re-mineralization is when your teeth repair minor pre-cavity damage by absorbing important minerals from your food and drink, such as calcium.

Fluoride treatment can easily save you from costly and painful problems in the future, and is done simply by coating your teeth in a fluoride gel for a few minutes during your appointment!

Dr. Nathan Brooks is a firm believer in educating patients, but he also believes in a “no shame” approach to dentistry. Even if you have been away from the dentist for a long time, we won’t embarrass or lecture you. We will help you get back on track and have a healthy, happy smile.

If you have questions about dental cleanings and exams or your overall oral health, call us at
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