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Sedation Dentistry & Anesthesia in Cincinnati OH

Sedation dentistry Patient Fear

As a child, I was afraid of the dentist. I was afraid of what was going to go on in my mouth. I had to get some fillings as a child, and I understand that aspect of it. I can understand not knowing what is going to happen and why is it happening to me, why are these problems happening. So I can understand why somebody would be afraid of the dentist.

There are a couple of different options for that. I like to think that I have some jokes, I like to think that I have a common sense that I can kind of explain things to you and also help you feel comfortable. My staff or patients might think my jokes aren’t funny, but a lot of times that can help alleviate and kind of relieve some of the fear that you might have.

There are other options as well out there for dental sedation, there’s the conscious sedation dentistry in Cincinnati; with that we actually prescribe you an oral medication that you take before the appointment so it helps you be a little more drowsy so you’re not as aware of what is going on. We also have nitrous oxide. Nitrous is a gas that you can breathe in during the procedure and again that kind of helps alleviate and calm those fears that you may have. I understand that those fears can be there, and for some people there is a little more fear. I have had that fear, and I don’t want you to have to have that fear.

Are you afraid of the dentist? Does the idea of a quick procedure still make you anxious and scared? Don’t avoid dental care just because you’re nervous. We understand, and we have a solution for your fear!

Is Sedation Right For You?

Of course, you must first decide if sedation is the best solution for you. We can help you make that decision during a conversation here at the office. We will take a look at your medical history to ensure that you are safe to use sedatives. From there, we will determine which sedation method would work best for you.

Sedation dentistry in Cincinnati has become far more common, and we are happy to help you relax. Whether it is for a simple dental cleaning or a more advanced procedure, we have choices available to ease your worry and help you feel comfortable in our dental chair with dental anesthesia.


Dental Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, is the most common form of dental sedation available. Using a mask that fits over the nose, your dentist is able to adjust and monitor your level of sedation during the procedure. Gas sedation is minimal and puts you in a relaxed but awake state.

After your appointment, you will generally be able to drive home, making gas sedation a great choice for quick procedures or for patients with minimal anxiety.

Oral Sedation Dentistry in Cincinnati

For patients with severe anxiety, Anderson Dental care offers oral sedation dentistry in Cincinnati. We will give you a pill to be taken about 30 minutes before your procedure. The level of sedation granted by the pill is greater than gas sedation, but still leaves you in an awake state. While it’s common for orally-sedated patients to fall asleep during their appointment, it’s easy for us to wake you up. Oral sedation is safe and effective. While you are sedated, we will monitor your vital signs to be sure that you are safe. Patients planning on oral sedation must attend their appointment with a friend or family member who can drive them home. The effects of the pill can last several hours.

Sedation dentistry patients

Unlikely Benefits

Obviously fearful patients are the most likely to take advantage of sedation dentistry, but there are other patients who can also benefit. Take a look at a few unlikely benefits to sedation dentistry below.

Gag Reflex – Patients with a severe gag reflex can finally have a comfortable appointment with the help of dental sedation. Sedation relaxes the muscles responsible for your gagging which will in turn allow you to sit back and experience a gag-free cleaning or procedure!

Special Needs Patients – Patients who are often overlooked are patients with special needs. Those who suffer from mental handicaps find it difficult to relax in a dental appointment due to fear and simply not understanding what is happening. Sedation can allow these patients the freedom to experience a good dental cleaning and exam just like everyone else!

Busy Schedule – Serious dental work is often broken into several smaller appointments to make it easier on the patient sitting in the chair. However, this makes life very difficult when you have a full schedule! Sedation allows busy patients to get all of their work done in a single sitting, which means fewer missed days of work!

If you have questions about dental sedation and anesthesia options, please call our Sedation dentistry in Cincinnati at (513) 231-7755, or make an appointment today using our online form.