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Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you have cavities, then you are probably familiar with the dreaded solution: dental fillings. When tooth decay has started, but the tooth is still in relatively good shape, a tooth-colored filling is the best option to prevent loss of the tooth later on.

At Anderson Dental Care, we use some of the most modern filling materials to give you a more natural and long-­lasting filling. In the past, fillings were generally made with a metal mixture called amalgam, which uses mercury as a binding agent to strengthen the other metals used. For many people, mercury is a health concern. While the FDA continues to approve the use of amalgam as a safe choice for types of dental fillings, many people still prefer resin. Resin is a mix of plastic and glass, which does an excellent job of bonding to the tooth and can be created in a shade to match the tooth.

When you come in for your appointment at our dental office in Anderson Township, we will begin by numbing the area around the damaged tooth. If you are scared or anxious about getting your filling, we also have sedation options available.

Once you are comfortable, we will remove the decayed part of your tooth and re­shape the hole to allow for the most effective filling for teeth. We will then fill the cavity and bond the resin using a special light that quickly sets and hardens the filling.

After your filling is complete, you will be able to eat like normal. It is typical for patients to have a bit of sensitivity after getting a filling, but that will pass quickly.

If you think you need a tooth-colored filling, or would like more information about tooth decay, call our office today at (513) 231-7755, or schedule an appointment using our online form.

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