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At Anderson Dental Care, we take pride in what our patients have to say about us – they are like our family! We can tell you again and again how much our patients love us, but why not let them say it themselves? Watch some of the videos below to see what our patients have to say!

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  • Pat C.

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    Pat C.

    I first came because I had a tooth that fractured and I guess it was a dental emergency. They managed to work me in quickly so I didn’t have to deal with it very long. The staff was very accommodating and very understanding. I have to say out of all the dentists I’ve been to, I’ve never seen a staff as friendly as this staff here.

    If you’ve got to go to the dentist, which most of us probably don’t aspire to do too often, the staff here really does make it as painless as possible.

    What I really enjoy about the atmosphere in this office is number one, when you come in you feel like the staff likes to be here. They always greet you with a smile, they act like they care, they’re interested in what’s going on in your life. Some places you go you think, I wonder if those people really want to be there. That’s not the sense here. Here, everybody is happy, they’re very accommodating, they want to help you and they want to keep you as comfortable as they can. If you’ve got to go, it’s a great office to go to.

  • Laura W.

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    Laura W.

    I walk in and I’m immediately greeted. I am acknowledged, even if they’re busy doing things they take time to look at me and acknowledge that I’m here. People were so kind with me. I was a little nervous; it had been a while. People were really kind. I felt like they took time on me, that they weren’t in a rush to just see people. I felt like they took care of me as an individual and were interested in not only my teeth but the whole well being, my health. I like that. I like that they follow up and they call and say, “OK, when do we get to see you next? When can we schedule your next cleaning?” As a mom of two little girls, I’m busy, and it’s not always my top priority. I like that they follow up and want to see me again.

    One of the things I really do like about this office is it’s very family oriented. I like that they have promotions for families and they have days where you can bring in your kids. It’s hard, I’m a mom of two little kids. It’s not easy to just make a dentist appointment, because it’s hard to find people to watch kids. I love that they have days where they have things going on in the office where I can bring my kids. I love that all of them have a family, and they’re all understanding of that situation, and I love that Dr. Brooks is a family man, so I would have my girls come here in a heartbeat to see him, because I know he takes care of me as an adult but he also has kids of his own so he’s going to be patient and I know he’s going to take care of my kids as well.

  • Joy A.

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    Joy A.

    What I like about this practice really relates to what I don’t like about dentistry and that is, I used to hate the dentist. And when I come here, it truly is like a family and it’s mirrored in my own family. My 90-year-old mom comes. My 92-year-old father comes, my something-something sister comes, my something-something husband comes, and so do I. And so my family is mirrored in the family care that they provide for me and that’s my favorite part about this practice.

    I literally trust Dr. Brooks. And it’s not just what he sees in my mouth, it’s the recommendations that he makes for each one of my family members, because I am the caregiver for both my mother and my father and actually my sister. My sister is recovering from oral cancer, and she was not a part of this practice when she was diagnosed, but she is a part of this practice now and I think that that’s a wonderful thing.

    Also, for the use of suggestions, I have never used an electric toothbrush. Three weeks ago, Dr. Brooks recommended that I try one, and I did, and I love it. Here I am, at this point in my life, and I absolutely enjoy my electric toothbrush and it’s because of those sort of out of the box suggestions that are different than just looking in your mouth and diagnosing a cavity or tooth repair.

  • Jessica B.

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    Jessica B.

    Growing up, I always wanted braces. I’m from a family of six kids, and I’m the oldest, and there wasn’t always a lot of money, there wasn’t always a lot of opportunity for us to have those kinds of things in a big family. My parents would have loved to give me braces but just the way things worked out, I never had them.

    I was very self-conscious about my teeth and my smile for a very long time. I would smile with my lips closed, and it probably looked more awkward that way, but I just was really uncomfortable. When I made the decision to do Invisalign, I was kind of skeptical. I didn’t think that it would work for my case because I thought that my teeth were too misshapen, but within the first month I noticed a huge difference. I got so excited, I felt totally different about it.

    There have been a couple of painful moments, where you switch trays and it hurts for a couple hours or something, but overall it’s easy, it’s pretty much painless and you notice a big difference right away. People can’t believe that I have Invisalign. They don’t think that I talk different They don’t notice it or say, “Let me see your teeth; you have something on there.” People get excited about it, too, because they can see a difference. People who have known me for a long time can say, “Oh yeah, those are looking so good and it makes me feel really good.”

  • Gabriela D.

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    Gabriela D.

    I had an issue grinding my teeth at night. Sometimes my husband was asleep and he would say stop that, you are waking me up! Sometimes I didn’t realize that I was doing that. When I came in the office, he told me I could use a night guard and now I have been using it for a month already. I thought at first it was going to be uncomfortable but it’s not at all. I definitely will recommend this office because first, the language. Most of my friends speak Spanish and most of them feel more comfortable with someone who speaks their native language. The other thing is no waiting time. You come for your scheduled time and they’re ready for you. That’s important – for me that’s important, especially because everybody is so busy.

  • Bill F.

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    Bill F.

    One of those reasons I felt comfortable is that he is a skilled practitioner. You can have all the knowledge in the world but unless you can actually apply your skill, it doesn’t matter much. During the time that I’ve worked with him, I have found out that he is extremely proficient. He’s very skilled. He listens, which is very important. He interacts, asks questions, asks if you’re comfortable throughout the whole procedure, the whole staff makes sure that you’re comfortable. It’s a place that you can come in, be yourself, explain your needs, tell them what and why you’re looking for something and you can basically rest assured that they’ve listened and they are going to fulfill what they’ve said they can do. They’re very genuine, some people can always smile and be polite, but these are truly genuine people that work here.

  • Andy B.

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    Andy B.

    I like coming to Anderson Dental Care because the staff here. You can tell they love their job. They really love their job, and they care about the people that come in. They’re not just here to collect their paycheck. I figure you can get your teeth cleaned anywhere, might as well get them cleaned by people who are happy and care about you.

    I like Dr. Brooks a lot. He always has a smile on his face. He comes in – I have small children, which he does as well, and I don’t think it’s just because of that that he can relate but – he’s very friendly to them. My three year old was very nervous about coming to the dentist the first time, and the staff here suggested that he come back and watch myself and my wife get our teeth cleaned. Tracy introduced him to Buzz Buzz and Mr. Slurpy; Dr. Brooks came in and talked to him and he really opened up to them because of their friendliness and he was willing to let them clean his teeth and there were no issues, and now he’s asking us when do I get my teeth cleaned again. It’s a lot of fun.

Tim T.

I like Anderson Dental Care, Dr. S could not have chosen a better replacement, always a pleasant experience with the caring staff in his office, hats off to all of you!

James Milan Z.

Anderson Dental is top notch and the place to go!

Karl D.

Wonderful office visit today with the Anderson Dental Care team. And exceptional paraffin hand treatment to boot!

Sally H.

I miss Dr. Stoffregen, but Dr. Brooks is a perfect fit for this office. Everyone is so professional and I have 100% confidence in this team.