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Surprising Invisalign Benefits!


If you’re an adult who’s considered orthodontics you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. Those clear plastic aligners have been around for a while now and they’re definitely one of the top choices for those who want straighter teeth without years of wearing metal braces.

At Anderson Dental Care we’ve provided Invisalign for plenty of patients over the years, and one of the biggest reasons people choose it is definitely because of the undetectable quality. You might not realize, however, that there are a lot of other benefits to wearing Invisalign that go far beyond their incognito appearance.

Invisalign: Keep Living Your Life

There’s one major drawback to traditional orthodontics: they change your life in some big ways. You have to cut out foods, candies, gum, hygiene is a pain, and your social life suffers to boot. Invisalign does a good job of keeping you in the dating pool, but the lack of impact on your day-to-day life goes far beyond that.

You’ll find that Invisalign will actually have practically no effect on your life at all: you’ll be eating the same foods, brushing and flossing the same way, and living without anyone noticing your aligners! Because you only have to wear your Invisalign trays 22 hours out of the day you’re able to take them out for eating and brushing your teeth – it’s incredibly convenient and can make them really worth having!

The Invisalign Diet?

Studies of Invisalign patients have found that those who follow their 22 hour a day regimen usually lose weight, and it isn’t because they have to cut foods out of their diet. The secret lies in the fact that you can’t snack while wearing your aligners, cutting down on the average daily calorie count for many patients.

This unexpected benefit leads to less mindless snacking during the day and better overall health by the end of treatment, especially if paired with a new exercise routine! Many patients who lose weight while undergoing Invisalign treatment actually find that the pounds stay off, too. That’s because they’ve learned to modify how they eat, not what they eat. Once you form a habit like that it’s much easier to keep it going!

if you decided to kick it into high gear by adding some vigorous fitness training during your Invisalign treatment you could come out of it in just about a year with a great new look and a great new smile – not bad!

Treatment Modeled From Start To Finish

When you get braces there’s definitely an end result in mind, but there can be a lot of side steps needed to get there. Using a wire and brackets is usually predictable, but there’s always the odd tooth movement or shift that wasn’t accounted for. Not so with Invisalign!

Because we model your treatment digitally on day one and plan your treatment using specialized software we know exactly where your teeth start, where they’re going to go, and where they’ll finish. There aren’t any surprises during an Invisalign treatment.

Each aligner moves your teeth just a little bit, and your treatment plan includes every bit of movement you’ll have along the way. Because it’s planned so closely and your aligners are so accurately created the end result is exactly what you’ll get to preview when you start treatment. You can’t beat that kind of reliability!

Getting Invisalign At Anderson Dental Care

When you come to us for Invisalign we’ll start with a preliminary exam – we want to be sure your mouth is healthy enough for treatment. Once we know you’re in good shape or have taken care of any preliminary procedures we’ll start working on your 3D mockup.

That mockup is fed to a computer that allows us to manipulate each individual tooth, giving us complete control over your new look. You’ll approve it and we’ll be on our way to starting treatment! For most patients Invisalign only takes about a year from start to finish. That means you could start now and be done by February, 2017!

Ready For That New Smile?

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