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Marianne, Certified Dental Assistant

Marianne has been with Anderson Dental Care for over 15 years. She usually assists in our hygiene department. Don’t let her sweet facade fool you – she’s a black belt!

Dentists have become to the point where they educate their patients more. It used to be back maybe 25 years ago that sometimes patients would come in and just expect whatever the dentist said, that they would do. But now, dentistry we like to educate, and there may be a couple different options and therefore it can give the patient the ability to make their own decision on what they want to do with their mouth, their smile.

If someone came to me and was looking for a dentist, I would tell them that Dr. Brooks is very laid back, he’s very good at what he does, he gives you all of the information you would need to take care of yourself, and that you would make the decision on what avenue, what you want to do for your smile.

We’ve had many patients say that it’s real family oriented here. They feel like they’re part of our dental family.