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Tracey, Hygienist

Tracey has been with Anderson Dental Care for over 10 years. Her funny, bubbly personality makes even the most anxious patients feel comfortable at their cleanings. Our patients tell us all the time that she is extremely gentle and provides that perfectly clean feeling.

I often recommend patients come to our office because we are caring, we are a family atmosphere, we cater to lots of different needs, anxiety, families, children, elderly; because Dr. Brooks is very skilled at what he does, we have a lot of people who have been here for a long time, and we genuinely care for our patients.

Working with Dr. Brooks, it’s a very calm office. We cater to our patient’s needs and wants. He cares genuinely for the patients; he makes them feel at ease. We do a lot of things to help our patients feel calm. We in general have a calm atmosphere. We allow them to listen to music, we do have the opportunity to give them nitrous or gas sedation, in general we just try to make them feel comfortable with music, blankets, hand dip with paraffin wax, anything that will make them feel calm and at home or less nervous about the dental treatment.