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Joy A.

What I like about this practice really relates to what I don’t like about dentistry and that is, I used to hate the dentist. And when I come here, it truly is like a family and it’s mirrored in my own family. My 90-year-old mom comes. My 92-year-old father comes, my something-something sister comes, my something-something husband comes, and so do I. And so my family is mirrored in the family care that they provide for me and that’s my favorite part about this practice.

I literally trust Dr. Brooks. And it’s not just what he sees in my mouth, it’s the recommendations that he makes for each one of my family members, because I am the caregiver for both my mother and my father and actually my sister. My sister is recovering from oral cancer, and she was not a part of this practice when she was diagnosed, but she is a part of this practice now and I think that that’s a wonderful thing.

Also, for the use of suggestions, I have never used an electric toothbrush. Three weeks ago, Dr. Brooks recommended that I try one, and I did, and I love it. Here I am, at this point in my life, and I absolutely enjoy my electric toothbrush and it’s because of those sort of out of the box suggestions that are different than just looking in your mouth and diagnosing a cavity or tooth repair.