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Three Ways to Boost Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Most of us have been practicing some sort of oral hygiene routine since we were small. If you didn’t learn it at home from your parents, you probably learned about oral health in school or from your friends. The trouble is that we rarely go back to our routine to look for ways to improve our hygiene. After all, you are the one spending the time caring for your teeth, and you should optimize that time for your own sake.

Flossing Well
Before we discuss how to floss well, let’s make sure that you are flossing. Many, many of our patients are not picking up the little white box at all. The result is that they are missing an opportunity to eliminate 40% of the plaque from their tooth surfaces. If you are flossing, be sure that you are making a full C around your tooth so that you are covering the entire surface around your tooth.

Brushing Efficiently
The next time you stand in front of the sink to brush your teeth, start a timer to see how long you ordinarily brush your teeth. Very few people top one minute, but the American Dental Association recommends that you brush no less than two minutes at a time. Two minutes is the minimum requirement to cover all of the surfaces in your mouth effectively. You might need to boost your time to get the clean or decay-free teeth and full benefit of brushing your teeth.

A Worthwhile Rinse
A mouth rinse is not a requirement for a healthy mouth, but it can certainly help. However, some rinses are pretty worthless. Be sure to select a rinse that is either packed with fluoride or antiseptic. The antiseptic rinses, in particular, are effective against bad breath, decay, and gum disease because these rinses actually remove the harmful bacteria from your mouth.

If you haven’t taken an objective look at your oral hygiene routine lately, it could be time to review how things are going and see where you can make improvements. Contact us today, because we would love to set up an appointment where we can discuss those improvements with you. We can’t wait to see you soon!