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Nathan Brooks – Dentist

Dr. Nathan Brooks knew from a young age that he wanted to be a dentist. There was just one problem—he didn’t care much for science. With encouragement from his grandfather, a biology professor at Purdue U., Dr. Brooks persevered, and even enjoyed his master’s in biology from Purdue. He then enrolled at Purdue’s arch-rival, Indiana U., to pursue his Doctorate in Dental Surgery. Although his grandfather had forbidden him to wear Indiana’s colors, he was proud to take part in Dr. Brooks’ graduation ceremony.

On weekends, Dr. Brooks and his wife love to go “adventuring” with their three young children. They pull up the map, drive somewhere they’ve never been, and explore it—completely spontaneously. At home, they play board games, read, play music, and hold dance parties. Dr. Brooks and his wife have recorded an album in Nashville and plan to keep making music together. He serves his community through his church and with special projects at his practice like “Toys for Tots” every Christmas.

Meet the Team

Sydney’s cheerful greeting is one of the first things you’ll hear when you walk into our practice. Her aim is to make every patient feel like family. She is also a whiz at keeping the schedule running smoothly. As a treatment coordinator, Sydney is there for patients from their first phone call to going over Dr. Brooks’ recommended treatment to explaining financial options in a way that doesn’t make your head spin. Sydney is also a super-mom, jumping on the trampoline with her son, and taking him hiking, swimming, picnicking, biking, or just to play at the park. At home they color, read, do puzzles, and dance around the house. When not reading children’s books, Sydney enjoys almost any kind of “grown-up” literature from fiction to biographies and memoirs.


Treatment Coordinator

Tracy is our hometown girl, although she did venture all the way to Sinclair College for her hygiene degree. Tracy’s favorite part about dentistry is the opportunity to educate her patients (“Floss first, brush last!”) and give them the best care possible. She extends this passion to her volunteer work, giving free dental care to homeless families and orphaned children in Mexico. Tracy and her husband have a houseful: one daughter, two energetic cats, and two dogs! Tracy loves to try new recipes on her family, eat sushi out, and go to the movies (but nothing scary, please!). Although the Bengals have been breaking her heart, she still loves them. When not yelling enthusiastically at the TV, she chills with her camera, paints and canvas, or scrapbooking materials.



If the thought of even sitting in a dental chair gives you hives, let Lydia put you instantly at ease with her warm smile and thorough clinical expertise. You can almost see the empathy oozing out of her! Lydia is a go-with-the-flow type of girl who handles the unexpected like it’s no big deal, perhaps thanks to all the yoga she does in her spare time. Lydia also plays the violin for her church (some people get all the talent, right?). A fan of good coffee and good friends, she’s always looking for a new coffee shop or arranging outings to go thrifting, to the movies, or for Indian, Vietnamese, or sushi.



Liz loves seeing the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile, even still after nearly 20 years in dentistry. Liz is the kind of person we all need around since she is honest to the core. She will tell you if you have something stuck in your teeth, but she is also the first person to compliment your new haircut. On the weekends, Liz likes to check out Columbus music hotspots to catch her favorites like Lane 8, Parra for Cuva, or Coma Coz. She and her daughter love the thrills at King’s Island, strolling through art museums, and visiting her son while he’s stationed with the U.S. Navy in Chicago.


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Katie is our go-to person for all kinds of things here in the office, overseeing many of the operational aspects of a dental practice. As our finance and insurance coordinator, she is always happily available to answer any insurance or billing questions patients have. What you may not know is that Katie’s other title is Queen of Fun. She puts into motion all the awesome events that go on at ADC (raffles, Facebook contests, holiday events) and keeps the staff laughing with her sassy sarcasm, funny stories, and goofy memes. Her two young boys keep her and her husband very busy, and on the weekends the family loves to take trips to Gatlinburg to drive Go-karts, play putt-putt, or ride the Sky Lift.


Financial Coordinator

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Why I Became a Dentist

I had a great dentist growing up. I had to get some fillings and I wasn’t the greatest at taking care of my teeth, but he always made me feel at ease. He told me exactly what he was going to do, how he was going to do it, and why―and in doing so he helped me understand the importance of taking care of my teeth. He took away any fear I had of going to the dentist. He made me want to do that for others.

When I was getting ready to open my own practice, I looked back on all those early trips to the dentist. I realized that now I had the opportunity to teach others, and to help them lose that anxiety of going to the dentist. That’s one of the things that I pride myself on: education. I don’t want to just take this instrument and put it in your mouth; I want to explain why I’m doing it and how it can benefit your oral health. Knowing what’s going on eases fear and anxiety and gives every patient the tools to improve their oral health in the long-run. My whole team has that same dedication to patient education.

-Nathan Brooks