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Client Testimonials

  • I walk in and I’m immediately greeted. I am acknowledged, even if they’re busy doing things they take time to look at me and acknowledge that I’m here. People were so kind to me.
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    Laura W.
  • What I really enjoy about the atmosphere in this office is number one, when you come in you feel like the staff likes to be here.
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    Pat C.
  • I literally trust Dr. Brooks. And it’s not just what he sees in my mouth, it’s the recommendations that he makes for each one of my family members, because I am the caregiver for both my mother and my father and actually my sister.
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    Joy A.
  • You come for your scheduled time and they’re ready for you. That’s important – for me that’s important, especially because everybody is so busy.
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    Gabriela D.


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Education Corner

White Fillings vs. Silver Fillings — Getting the Facts From Your Dentist

I wish we were talking about doughnut fillings — chocolate, jelly, custard? But, as your dentist, I am more qualified to talk about dental fillings, and sadly, none of the options involve chocolate.  The most common question I get regarding fillings is, “Will it be a white filling or a silver one?” The answer in […]

Over-the-Counter Night Guards vs. Custom Night Guards

It’s frustrating to spend your nights grinding your teeth together – you awaken with a sore jaw, a headache, and damaged teeth.  Recently I wrote an article about Bruxism (the act of grinding and clenching your teeth). I described how damaging it could be to both your teeth and jaw. Unfortunately, for now, the science […]

The Best and Worst Candy for Your Teeth – and How to Safely Consume It

A short candy education can go a long way. Some holidays are easier than others when it comes to avoiding candy. During Easter baskets are easily filled with books or toys, and Christmas stockings can be lovingly filled with useful non-candy goodies as well. As I write this article, we are approaching Halloween, and admittedly, […]

Foods that can leave you up a sticky creek without a paddle.

By now, you know that oral bacteria feast on sugar, which is why every dentist you’ve ever had (and possibly your mother) has told you about the dangers of eating candy. They tell you, “It’ll rot your teeth!” in a similar tone to “You’ll shoot your eye out!” from A Christmas Story. I can’t sugar […]

The cost of grinding your teeth – and what you can do about it.

Grinding your teeth is a bummer. It’s a problem that affects nearly one in ten people, and many don’t even realize they’re doing it. Being unaware that you grind your teeth can be a real problem given just how harmful it can be. Here’s how to find out if you grind your teeth when you […]

Sports drinks are ruining the teeth of adult athletes and kids alike.

“Make sure you stay hydrated!” you holler at your kids on the soccer field. “Don’t forget to drink!” you caution your child before a big game. But what are they drinking to stay hydrated? What are YOU drinking to stay hydrated in the gym or on your bike ride? Is it the best option? Is […]