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  • I walk in and I’m immediately greeted. I am acknowledged, even if they’re busy doing things they take time to look at me and acknowledge that I’m here. People were so kind to me.
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    Laura W.
  • What I really enjoy about the atmosphere in this office is number one, when you come in you feel like the staff likes to be here.
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    Pat C.
  • I literally trust Dr. Brooks. And it’s not just what he sees in my mouth, it’s the recommendations that he makes for each one of my family members, because I am the caregiver for both my mother and my father and actually my sister.
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    Joy A.
  • You come for your scheduled time and they’re ready for you. That’s important – for me that’s important, especially because everybody is so busy.
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    Gabriela D.


Teeth Cleaning

A day you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist is a day you don't have to floss your teeth yourself!

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Dentistry for Kids

Keeping your little ones teeth clean is a top priority. We'll make it a fun family experience!

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Education Corner

Once you form this habit, you’ll never go back

How habit-stacking can help you form and keep an important habit I know why you don’t floss. I get it. Flossing can be gross and awkward   No one likes feeling like they’re shoving their entire fist into their mouth  The floss is hard to get between your teeth  It makes your gums bleed  It’s […]

How your 6 billion closest neighbors could change your life.

The bacteria living in your mouth are directly linked to your overall health. You already know that both good and bad bacteria exist in your body. They live on your skin, in your stomach, and, of course, in your mouth! Bacteria make up almost 3 pounds of your total weight. (Ew, really!? Yep!) Your mouth […]

Don’t Toss Your Old Toothbrush

Recycling dental-product waste could mean kids at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital get a new playground. Anderson Dental Care is participating in the National Colgate & TerraCycle Oral Care Recycling Program. In partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation, the state that recycles the most oral waste will receive a playground for a children’s hospital. Most local recycling centers […]

Do Your Teeth Hurt When You Chew?

You’re eating dinner, when suddenly a sharp pain shoots through one of your molars. There isn’t any pain when you don’t chew, but every time you bite down on a piece of food – ZAP – right in the same spot. If you’ve experienced sharp, shooting pains or a dull ache when chewing you might […]

Good childhood habits lead to healthy adult smiles.

Finding a fantastic family-focused dental practice isn’t always easy. Our Cincinnati, OH, office is a stand out because we absolutely love helping kids develop healthy habits that will turn into beautiful adult smiles! You see, kids want to do things the best way. They are looking for ways to take care of their bodies and […]

Jaw Pain And Migraines: It Isn’t All In Your Head!

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a headache, sore jaw, or pain in your teeth? It’s a pretty common occurrence that’s often caused by temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. The condition develops over time, and for many patients it isn’t even something they’ve thought about until the pain is intense. There are […]