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Anderson Dental Care – Dentist in Cincinnati, OH

Welcome to Anderson Dental Care. Located in Anderson Township, our Cincinnati dental practice has been a trusted name among cosmetic dentist for over 30 years. Dr. Nathan Brooks and our staff take pride in the close relationships we have with our patients – when you visit Anderson Dental Care, you’re part of a family.

Our family focused practice offers a wide range of services from preventative cleanings to bridges and cosmetic dentistry procedures like Invisalign. No matter what your dental care needs are, Our Cincinnati dentists have the right solution for you. We are attentive to each and every patient’s individual needs because we care about you as a person, not as a number. Some of  the members of our staff have been with Anderson Dental Care for over 15 years, and value our patients as if they were family.

We hope you’ll visit us and see how we are unique among Cincinnati Dentists.

If you have any questions contact our Emergency dentist in Cincinnati at Anderson Dental Care Nathan Brooks DDS or would like to make an appointment, please call us at
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Family Dentistry Services

Smiling family

Shopping around for a new family dentist isn’t as easy as most people think, and if you’ve been looking for a while, you know the struggle is REAL.

Not only does your family dentist need to be local—ideally based right here in Cincinnati—but they need to have the skills, the facilities, and the team to deliver the expert-level care your family deserves.

And that’s why Cincinnati families consistently turn to Dr. Nathan Brooks of Anderson Dental Care.

When it comes to treating families, no Cincinnati dentist works as hard as Dr. Brooks to deliver comforting care and quality treatment. From your youngest to your oldest, from x-rays to regular cleanings, Dr. Brooks and the family dentistry team at Anderson Dental Care will deliver stunningly beautiful smiles to everyone in your stunningly beautiful family.

What makes Anderson Dental Care different?

The difference lies in their commitment to going the extra mile for their family dental patients.

Dr. Brooks and his team get to know each member of your family, leaving plenty of time in each appointment for questions and comments about proper dental hygiene and life in-general.

So, if you’re tired of looking for a Cincinnati dentist who knows the true meaning of family, pick up the phone and give us a call at (513) 231-7755, or click here to send us a message!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take better care of my gums at home? +

One word—floss.

As much as we know you’re tired of hearing it, flossing is the #1 way to keep your gums clean and healthy.

There are other things that help of course—mouthwash, regular brushing, tongue scraping, etc.—but nothing beats good old-fashioned floss.

What kind of patients do you take into your family practice? +

At Anderson Dental Care, we LOVE serving families.

That means everyone in your Cincinnati family is welcome into our practice, from grandparents to teething toddlers.

My child has never been to the dentist before, and I’m worried they’re going to have a negative experience—what should I do? +

Going to the dentist for the first time IS scary, so our team does everything in its power to reassure your child that everything will be OK.

Because this is your child’s first visit to the dentist, we want the experience to be pressure-free. We will give your son or daughter a book, let them “drive” the dental chair, and introduce them to Mr. Slurpy (our suction tool) and Mr. Whistle (our hand piece tool).

We’ll even give your child a tour of the entire dental office, and let them ask every question they can think of!

We don’t want your child to “tolerate” their trip to the dentist, we want your child to LOVE their trip to the dentist.

How can Anderson Dental Care improve my smile? +

In addition to offering regular cleaning services and general advice on dental hygiene for your family, we offer cosmetic dentistry services including dental implants, bridges, Invisalign, and more.

Where is Anderson Dental Care located? +

A true Cincinnati dentist, we are located on 7525 State Road, Suite A, Cincinnati, OH 45255, across from Mercy Hospital and next to the Mercy Healthplex.

If you ever have difficulty finding our office, please call (513) 231-7755 and one of our administrators will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to get here for your appointment.

How long does a cleaning typically take? +

Assuming you’re not getting x-rays or any additional procedure, you can expect a dental cleaning to take approximately 60 minutes for adults, and 40 minutes for the little ones.

(Please note, if this is your FIRST visit, we will need 90 minutes for your first cleaning.)

My family doesn’t have dental insurance. Can I still visit Anderson Dental Care if I’m paying out-of-pocket? +

No insurance? No problem! We work with many, many families who choose to pay out-of-pocket.

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