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Dental Bridges & Crowns in Cincinnati OH

If you have missing or have damaged teeth, a dental crown or a bridge is an excellent solution that can be made to look and feel just like a real tooth. These are permanent restorations bonded into place – you won’t even know your crown or bridge is there once it’s attached!

Dental crowns and bridges are made in laboratories using impressions of your teeth. At your appointment in our Cincinnati area dental clinic, we will make a mold of your smile which we then send to a specialty lab. They will create your crown or bridge in a couple of weeks. At a second appointment we will attach your crown or bridge, and you will be free to enjoy your new tooth!

Dental Crowns in Cincinnati, OH

A lot of times I see patients that either have large fillings or maybe they’ve lost a lot of tooth structure due to decay or something like that. Sometimes I even see a lot of fractures in teeth and fractures can be caused from grinding or clenching or maybe large fillings over time, as you’re chewing on the tooth structures it can cause those fractures to happen.

When that happens, we recommend doing a crown and a crown is being able to hold the tooth together, basically taking off an outside portion of the tooth and being able to put a crown there to hold that together, get rid of all that decay, it really helps that tooth in the long run, we can get a lot more years out of it before something fractures or breaks off and we have to look at doing an extraction or something like that.

What is a dental crown? A dental crown is a cap that covers a damaged tooth. If you have a tooth damaged due to decay, cavity, or an accident, a crown can seal your tooth inside a protective and life­ like replica. In our Cincinnati dental office, crowns can also be used cosmetically to close gaps between teeth.

Crowns are made of several different materials, all of which vary in appearance and durability. Porcelain crowns in Cincinnati are not as strong as all­metal crowns but are generally used on teeth which are visible. Metal crowns (think the classic gold tooth) are much more durable and are generally preferred for teeth in the back of your mouth.

The middle ground between porcelain and all­metal is porcelain fused to metal. With those crowns in Cincinnati, you get more durability but are still able to have a natural looking tooth.

Dental Bridges in Cincinnati, OH

A lot of times I’ll see patients who have one or two missing teeth and there are a couple different options to fill those gaps. One of those options is a bridge. A bridge is a crown on the back tooth, and a crown on the front tooth with a false tooth actually attached to those two crowns. With that bridge option, what it does is fill that gap and makes it so it’s one whole piece there. It looks normal. It looks natural. It’s a good option that I recommend for patients when they have maybe just one tooth missing.

Bridges replace missing teeth and are made using two crowns connected to an artificial tooth. The teeth on either side of the gap are filed down to make room for the crowns attached to an artificial tooth in the middle. The crowns in Cincinnati are then permanently bonded on top of the two teeth surrounding the gap.

Materials used to make bridges are identical to crowns and can vary based on desired appearance and position in the mouth. We are proud to offer metal-free bridges and crowns in Cincinnati for the most appealing and one of the most durable materials for tooth restorations. Porcelain veneers are both pleasing to your white smile and will serve your bite well over a long period of time.

Recovery time for bridges and crowns is minimal – usually only a few hours as the numbness wears off. Some people will have hot and cold sensitivity after getting a bridge or crown, but it generally passes within a week.

If you think that bridges or dental Crowns in Cincinnati are a good fit for your dental care needs, call our dental clinic in Cincinnati OH at (513) 231-7755 to discuss treatment options, or schedule an appointment now using our online form.