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Dental Sealants


So with children, sometimes you’ll find that in the center of the tooth there’s a groove, and that is kind of the weak spot in general with teeth. They get some discoloration there in the center of the tooth, a lot of times we can recommend a sealant. A sealant will place over that tooth to seal it off, so that no decay can get in the center of that tooth. It is a weak spot, so we can prevent that by putting sealant for teeth.

Your back teeth are where you do all of your chewing. The chewing surfaces of your teeth are filled with deep grooves called fissures, and it’s nearly impossible for your toothbrush to properly clean your teeth and gums. As you age, cavities have a higher likelihood to form in those fissures. Dental sealants are a simple and effective way to prevent decay.

What are sealants? Sealants are a plastic material that is applied to the surfaces of your teeth. It hardens into a resin which protects the fissures in your teeth from decay and can last for several years. When you come to Anderson Dental Care for a regular checkup and cleaning, we can apply and reapply sealants as needed.

Dental sealants are a simple, low cost, and low maintenance way to prevent one of the most common types of tooth decay. Fissure cavities can begin early in life, so children and teenagers are candidates for sealants as well.

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